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Unveiling the Impact: Authentic Testimonials from the Heart of Healaura Community

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What happens in people's lives while experiencing the Healaura Method

We have taught the Healaura method to individuals and families who are from every walk of life, every niche of work…

And they have been crushing it.

People that never believed they’d have families are now in long-lasting relationships. 

Individuals who were stuck in a rut, who would stay in the same type of career that just left them drained completely changed the energy in themselves and changed career directions or the way they were IN their career. 

People who suffered from chronic physical issues were able to resolve the situation and become healthier than when they were teenagers.

These individuals have built families, found loving and long-lasting partnerships, created new careers—and transformed their current ones into whole other levels—travelled the world while creating impact on those around them, and more.

Through regular interaction and support, you can learn so much from the collective wisdom and insights of the community, and gain valuable insights and guidance as you pursue your journey of self-discovery and growth.

Stenya LeClair's Story

Stenya was in a seven-year long relationship before finding out her boyfriend was cheating with another woman. He still wanted to marry her. Her career was also highly intensive, and everything was falling apart. 

After reconnecting with her true self and nurturing a new relationship with herself through the Healaura process, Stenya found an amazing life partner with whom she has built a strong relationship. They have been married for almost ten years, have two daughters, and are expecting their third child. Stenya’s story is a testament to the power of the Keys for Life course and how it can transform one’s life and relationships.

Carolyn William's Story

Carolyn changed her life around with the help of the knowledge, tools and support from the Keys for Life program and personal sessions with Amir, later on. She was able to gain the energy to place the right boundaries in a very unhealthy marriage that was abusive toward their daughters, give guidance to her children, and create a new relationship and future after divorce.

She now has a fantastic relationship with a partner who meets her on a level she has never experienced before and runs a business where she can be of service to others.

Nick Trainor's Story

Nick started the Healaura process when he was about 19. He completely changed his mindset, career trajectory, and the quality of the partners he was with and the relationships he was able to create. 

The relationships went from the types that abuses and took advantage of him to ones where he can actually seek positive energy, comfort and mutual support, amongst many other changes in the rest of the areas in his life.

 Till this day, Nick uses Healaura methods to make important decisions, and attributes Healaura as life-altering.

Steinar Grønnesby's Story

Steinar had colitis, was on anti-depressants, and was struggling with finding purpose or an ounce of happiness anywhere in life. His relationship was not a source of happiness either. He had tried pretty much everything. Religion, meditation, self-help books, therapy, other alternative methods, and everything in between. Through the Healaura process, he gradually was able to leave off the medications that he was even overdosing on, and completely changed his life.

He received tools to know what kind of partner to choose, how to build it correctly from the ground up, got married to the love of his life, became a father to two children (and another one on the way) and much more.

He did the impossible, changing careers, changing life directions, leaving his country to create new beginnings, and much more thanks to the powerful guidance at Healaura Academy.

Bety Bitran's Story

Before working with Healaura, Beatriz had low self-esteem and was facing many challenges in her personal life. Through the guidance and training she received at Healaura, she gained confidence in herself, learned how to overcome mental barriers, and became more empathetic towards others.

This newfound sense of empowerment allowed her to make significant changes in her life, such as pursuing a new career and finding a new partner after divorce, finding common ground with her older children, and much more.

Maryann Lehto's story

Maryann Lehto shares about all the positive changes she wanted to make all these years but wasn’t able to, until now. She talks about how much more motivated, energized, and centered she is today thanks to the Keys for Life program she took, on the phone from Australia.

She is a single mother to a 5 year old daughter. By working with the guidance and with the Aura, she was able to create a healthier relationship with her ex, and his new girlfriend, as well as support and teach her daughter in ways she couldn’t before since she didn’t have the self-esteem, confidence and knowledge.

Gloria's Story

Here, Gloria shares how the Healaura process helped her in every aspect of her life, including her relationship with herself, friends, partner, work, clients, and health. In particular, she shares how Healaura has helped her work as a career counselor without feeling drained, allowing her to complete tasks more efficiently and with more energy.

Gloria also mentions how Healaura has helped her to better understand herself and live according to her soul guidelines, leading to increased energy and a more fulfilling life.

In this second video, Gloria shares how throughout the Healaura process, she found things she thought she would never find, and became things she never thought she could be. One of the special gifts she received from the process was finding her life partner. They have been happily married for almost ten years, and still love each other deeply.

She also talks about how she and her husband use their Aura to resolve disagreements using the tools they learned in Healaura to understand each other on a deeper level and come to a new level of understanding.

Georgia Affendoulis' Story

Georgia worked in an office job that gave her very little meaning. Also, out of two other siblings,  she was the only one really taking care of her aging parents, to the point where she had very little life at 40.

When she started the Healaura program, she discovered passions that she didn’t know of, developed the communication and intuition with her Aura, built her confidence, changed relationships with the people around her and developed a completely new type of life that was full of change and meaning.

Anita Bains' story

Anita Bains didn’t have much support in life. She was going out with men that led to a dead end, was feeling lost, alone, without clarity or focus, a career she felt good in or that fit her, and more. She travelled to India and other countries to find purpose, and gain more meaning and direction in her life.

She struggled to find a career that would develop her. With the guidance in Healaura and the Keys for Life course, she connected to her Aura and things started clicking into place. She found a life partner who fit her energy and learned to use the Aura to improve communication and coordination with her partner. She built a family together with her husband, and revolutionized her life in all aspects.

Dafna's Story

Dafna found the Keys for Life program incredibly useful for recognizing the good things in her life and in herself. By turning negative stories upside down and using deep methods from the course to deal with negative emotion and identify thoughts, she was able to make progress in her work and improve her relationships with family members and her partnership.

The course empowered her to focus on what she wanted and what she could achieve, leading to deeper, more fulfilling connections with others.

Elad Milman's Story

Elad Milman went from open relationships to finding the love of his life through the Healaura process. He became much more stable, happy, and fulfilled.

He also worked on developing his intuition though the Healaura methods, and uses the Aura in his work as a practitioner to give messages to his patients and treat their root cause in a much more effective way.

He observed that 80% of the time, the Aura can identify what the person is suffering from before he even sees the patient details or the person.

Jarret's Story

Before the Keys for Life program, Jarret was introverted and spent most of his time playing video games and socializing online, but never with people face to face. He built his confidence, gained tools to differentiate where his thoughts were coming from, and changed his life around. He found that tapping into human wisdom is more valuable than relying solely on scholarly knowledge–an opposite approach to what he was used to–brought him a completely different, happier life.

And there are so many more of these stories. Like, how a woman who passed through 5 miscarriages with her husband—heard about the Healaura method through friends, took the program together with her husband—and learned how to balance her energy and the layers in her Aura, by herself, with her husband’s help.

These Auric layers were affected by a deep-sated trauma in her childhood. They learned through the Healaura method, together as a couple, how to support and change her energy, and to balance the damaged parts of her Aura. 

After they did this process, they were able to bring two children, who have both grown up beautifully and are now teenagers.

Anne Seymour's story

Anne, in her early 60’s shares how the Keys for Life program changed her life. She opens up about her struggles with health issues, which left her feeling stuck, low on energy, and emotionally and physically drained. She talks about how she was bedbound for a few weeks, and even ended up in an old age home, feeling depressed and ashamed that she couldn’t show up for herself, her family, or her job.

It was at this low point that a friend told her about Healaura and the Keys for Life course, which she decided to take. She talks about how the course helped her rebuild her entire foundation, stop addictions, jump over stumbling blocks, and connect with, nurture, and receive messages from her Aura. She learned to check with her Aura in many practical areas of her life, such as health, relationships, career, finances, and creativity.

Therapists, for example, were able to receive messages on where to take care of a patient, before the patient came into the room, even. 

It was often against the normal “logic” of their practice or the patient’s complaints (taking care of the patient’s back instead of their leg pain, for example), and got right to the root cause of what was causing their patient’s ailments, relieving them of the issue with much more accuracy.

This is aside from the fact that the therapist often received empowering intuitive messages through the Aura for the patient, which also went on to strengthen their sense of intuition.

Cheryl Ackerman's Story

Cheryl Ackerman is a healer and singer who took the Healaura program to strengthen and improve her abilities to help people, and herself.

The Keys for Life program helped her strengthen her intuition and connect to a community of like-minded, supportive people.

We’ve had partners that came to us already divorced wanting to work on their family dynamics for the sake of the children. They had two young children, ages 7 and 9, a girl and a boy who were in a very depressed state since their parents’ divorce. In the middle of practicing with our specialized training and methods, they suddenly how much they were missing before in their communication, and the lack of agreements; so much was lost in between the woodworks.

With the Healaura method, they dealt with the deep places in their life that were kept in the dark and committed to a new relationship with tools they never know of before that completely transformed their relationship and the way they viewed the couple dynamic and family responsibilities.

Florian Hohenbichler's story

Florian was in difficult relationships and living a very different lifestyle before he took the Healaura program. He was in construction, unhappy and a misfit in his workplace, and not finding a good relationship.

He not only found an amazing relationship, he also got married, became a father, changed careers, and starting creating a much more meaningful life.

The Aura and the guidance from Healaura allowed parents to understand the deeper underlying reason for why their child was experiencing this serious illness—a type of bowl disease.

When they acted on why the child was experiencing it with specific instructions, and took measures to mitigate these pressures and continue to keep the pressures down throughout his teenage years, his body responded well and the symptoms never returned, even though the top doctor at the hospital said that this was a bowl disease was to stay for life.

I had been skeptical of self-development and how to go about it, the idea of the Aura, working with your pre-birth life plan and energy, and its potential impact on my life, but I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. 

The tools and techniques I learned through this program have completely transformed my relationships, both with others (romantically or otherwise) and with myself. My marriage was not working out. We were arguing all the time. Then I found out my wife had been secretly giving away 10s of thousands of dollars all of the money I earned for both of us to her parents.

I was also majorly depressed and with a serious health condition. Still, with all the shit going on, I decided to give this Keys for Life program a try.

I was able to completely turn my life around. I started using methods that actually worked on how to identify areas in life where I was getting stuck, exercises for uplifting my energy, and so much more.

My relationship and health has improved dramatically. I started having energy I never had before in my life. I used to struggle with chronic pain and fatigue on top of a disease, but since learning about and working with my Aura, I’ve found a renewed sense of energy and vitality. The program has also helped me to better understand my life direction, and given me the confidence to make important decisions. 

I highly recommend the Keys for Life program to anyone looking to deal with their issues and the things holding them back on a root level, not just symptomatic situations. This is for people who truly want to put in the effort, as I did, to make and see change., but with the right tools. I’ve tried meditation, alpha waves, hypnotherapy, psychology, anything you want, I probably tried it. This has been a true game-changer for me and I’m only happy to share this so others can benefit and change their life as well.

jordan paul

mechanical engineer

I was at a crossroads in my life and felt like something was missing. I knew I needed a change but didn’t know where to start. Then I stumbled upon the Keys for Life program, and it was a turning point for me. I can say, hands down, that I am not the same person.

Today, I am much more confident, I can actually smile and feel it inside, I know much more where I am headed and everyday, and using tools that raise the energy in my Aura that propels me forward. 

The KFL program and their amazing coaches not only taught me how to connect to my Aura, but also helped me to better understand my own needs and desires, how to set goals, what boundaries I need to set (not necessarily those I was expecting), and how I can become the version I never knew I could be.

The program also helped me understand the impact of my thoughts, emotions and energy and how to identify the innocuous places that were draining me. I started using the tools and methods everyday and implementing the philosophy of the Aura and everything Orit and Amir Cooper built. I felt like I was finally able to see the big picture and make sense of my life.

I have more energy for life, am finding how to be in contact with the right people for me, and am much more calm and in control of my life.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a change, for those who want to be in control and knowing what steps to take to live a life of direction and energy. 

I found my meaning when connecting to my personal pre-birth life plan and understanding what kind of things were right for me intrinsically. Suddenly so many of my behaviors from when I was a kid clicked into place due to the Aura work. Thank you so much for the guidance and support.

Jennifer day


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