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Develop your inner power

Take your life to the next level of development with your Aura--your true source of energy and your direct connection to your Soul Plan, an energetic document you created before birth of what you wanted to do in this lifetime.

Learn about the source of your energy–and the vital role the Aura plays in your life. Implement practical changes to build up your inner core and develop the ability to recognize the sources of energy loss in your life.  You will learn how to break away patterns, and take the relationship you have with yourself and with others to the next level of fulfillment, peace and growth. 

The Aura Way

Keys for Life - Part 2

The Aura is a whole world in and of its own: Enhancing our connecting to her is vital to our development, as well as recognizing and mitigating the places in our life that could take us down ill-fitting or even disastrous paths that move us away from our Soul Plan. Part 2 focuses on excavating thoughts, worries, fears and paradigms that block us from reaching our true development.

The 90 Percent Beyond

Keys for Life - Part 3

After all the training you went through in Part 1 and 2 that gave you the essential building blocks on how to work with energy and on mitigating energetic blockages or patterns that make us stuck, Part 3 is a deep dive into developing your ability to channel, to receive intuitive messages from your Aura in a clean and accurate way. Channeling is a powerful tool that allows us to independently receive knowledge, wisdom and direction on-demand.

Aura Masterclass

Keys for Life - Part 4

Part 4 takes all of your accumulative training and brings it to a razor-sharp level of understanding. Here, we hone our ability of identifying energy loss in our life and traps that can be so seamlessly sewed into our life that we do not notice them. Working with the Aura isn’t all about moving colors. It’s about being willing to release our past knowledge or paradigms, so that we can be able to grow into a better version of ourselves–for the sake of our own life, our family and children, and community.

Advanced Training

For Keys for Life Graduates

Working with the Aura at a high level is a prerequisite to working with Orel, the enlightened being that Amir Cooper has been channeling for over 25 years. The foundation we gained from learning about what kinds of traps we can fall into, be able to channel for ourselves, and have a high level of energy in our Aura are all vital components to being able to understand Orel’s highly advanced messages, missions, and perspective that are directly related to what we need to do to get closer to our Soul Plan.

Focus Courses

Continuing Ed and Special Interest

The Aura touches many areas of life, including how we can find a partner that suites on an energetic and Soul Plan level or straightening our current relationship, parenting and connecting our children to their Aura and higher purpose, switching careers or developing more solid relationships with our co-workers, as well as with our family and partner. Focus Courses delve deeply into specific areas of our life, where we could bring the Aura to in ways that could open possibilities, and a new kind of freedom and direction.

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