The Aura Way

is a set of principles by which one can live their life to attain a higher place of being and fulfillment. It is about learning to identify and create movements of energy in our life at any time and place; living according to a high moral code; and integrating special Aura-balancing practices into one’s lifestyle in order to be aligned with who we are and our purpose. Internalizing the Aura Way is the learning process in our Keys for Life Program, and the teachers and community of Healaura Academy are committed to teaching and living according to it. Read on to learn some more about what it is about.


Life Purpose

Learning and fulfilling the true and unique purpose of our lifetime that we designed and wrote prior to our birth as a soul: Our Soul Guidelines. As one of the cornerstones of the work with the Aura, the Soul Guidelines define our goals, values, desires, projects, and higher vision for life. It details the type of relationship, family, and career we want to create in this lifetime, including the ways in which we want to contribute to society and how that would look like. Defined in the Soul Guidelines is a unique set of life goals, values, and principles that every soul has written for themselves to accomplish in this lifetime. When connecting to the Aura in a powerful, clean, and pure way, we can connect to these Soul Guidelines that we wrote ourselves, and live—to a fuller extent—a life of more meaning and fulfillment. In the Aura Way we seek to develop such a strong and pure connection with our Aura and learn about our Soul Guidelines, striving to implement them in our everyday life and long-term path. 


Honed Intuition

To achieve our Soul Guidelines we must cultivate a life practice that empowers and sharpens our intuition and our connection to the Aura. Our life is filled with unanswered questions, doubts, disappointments, misdirections, and misinformation. But that doesn’t have to stay as the dominant default position. Our Aura is there to help, provide direction, insight, and wisdom. The question is, even if she tried to say something to us now, would we be able to hear and understand her? Would we be able to receive a pure and accurate message? Developing our ability to instantly connect to a deep source of wisdom, a personal guide that is the highest form of energy that exists on the planet in an undistorted way, is the foundation of living the Aura Way. Developing this ability allows us to receive guidance for the next steps in our path towards realizing and following our Soul Guidelines. Everyone has a unique Aura that they were born with, inside and around their body, that is there to support them in the path of their life. By raising our energy and practicing methods and techniques that support our Aura, we can begin to connect to her and develop together with her.



Integrity is one of the most important principles of the Aura Way: to maintain and cultivate a high level of honesty and truth in every area of life. Being honest with ourselves is what allows us to learn and develop. Turning a blind eye to places we need to improve on or change can cause stagnation and inhibit our ability to grow. A lack of integrity in the way in which we treat and talk to ourselves and conduct ourselves in front of others dramatically lowers the quality of energy we have in our personal life, and takes down those around us as well. Maintaining high integrity—even when no one is looking—gives us nutrients, like a flower receives from the earth. Without nutrients, no real flower can grow; only a fake can exist. To have integrity means to embody truth and take the path that least hurts others in order to accomplish our highest goals, while simultaneously being a part of a larger picture, helping others grow while you do. The Aura Way is based on discovering truth; integrity is the prerequisite to this search.


Being Active

Constantly implementing changes, and moving towards dreams and a higher vision for our life. After finding a solution with openness and humility, being active means more than just the regular walk or jog in the morning, though that’s not bad either. Being active means taking an active approach to life, in general: a leadership role, where you are a role model for your surroundings. It means happening to life, instead of life happening to us: rather than taking the back seat in life and letting things happen to us by “going with the flow,” it means taking up the reins, fixing up our carriage, and directing our horses towards fulfilling our own unique Soul Guidelines. Being active does not mean to do things alone, or to take the world on our shoulders. Rather, it means to shoulder ourselves, so that we can be leaders and active contributors to our surroundings.


Openness to Change

The willingness to look inside ourselves and be open to change our perspectives and work on our habits. Openness to change means having no Ego, and being able to release our preconceived notions in order to create better ways of life that will serve us for the long-term. Openness necessitates humility, a certain inner peace, and being able to release our past knowledge, experiences or paradigms for a better future. One of the keys to the Aura Way is developing a flexible mindset that allows us to move forward in a more effective and energy-giving path. Learning to flow with the unfamiliar allows us to seize opportunities that we couldn’t recognize before, utilize more wisdom every day, break free from old habits, and foster constant forward movement and development. If we have set ideas for what true fulfillment and happiness means, then we won’t be able to be in constant improvement.


Searching Deeply

By identifying and addressing the root source of issues and life complications instead of just dealing with the symptoms, we can reach the true solutions that will last for the long-term. From a young age, we are often trained to deal with surface problems; from endless math worksheets to shallow hypotheticals, getting to the root of a problem is often not a part of how we are taught to think and operate. It is something that is difficult to do without rigorous self-work that may also require the support of others who can help us in pointing out the places we need to pay attention to. Self-inquiry is vital both for solving issues in our life at the root, and living life to the fullest. When we begin to search deeply and identify the patterns and traps in our minds, we can actively stop many of the energy drains that take our energy and prevent our development. A part of searching deeply and finding the root source is identifying and working through our fears, emotional injuries, and limiting inner beliefs that are holding us down.



Cooperation and teamwork are highly important to our spiritual and emotional development, and contribute significantly to raising our energy. They require modesty, and the ability to put aside our combativeness and build bridges of friendship, trust, and a mutual vision. Cooperation is a key element in many areas of our life: from a marriage or partnership, to raising children, to building a business, to realizing a higher vision. The Aura puts cooperation and teamwork as one of the highest cornerstones of enlightened beings. Cooperation with another person, or with a group of people allows us to learn new things or perspectives, be more open, flexible, and move in synchronicity with those around us. There is a lot more energy in life when we don’t lead it alone, and it becomes that much more powerful when we join forces. Fostering this Aura Way principle can bring enormous amounts of new energy into our life and is often imperative to achieving and maximizing our Soul Guidelines. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but in the Aura, it also requires support and teamwork to nourish and cultivate an adult.



The abilities and qualities that come with humor are essential to being able to fully implement the Aura Way in our life. Laughing is known to be the medicine of the soul. It is important to be able to see the humour in situations and to laugh at ourselves. Remember laughing with friends over a simple joke, and how good that made us feel? This because there is a treasure of energy in it—Aura energy. Developing the ability to take ourselves lightly, to actively bring humor into our lives without putting others down is important for our energetic well-being. Humor in the Aura Way also embodies a crucial ability of looking at situations in a different way, to be able to change a certain perspective and find ways to move forward and grow from any place and any situation, whether difficult, harsh, beautiful, or romantic. Auric humor does not necessarily mean you need to be a “funny” person that makes everyone laugh and is constantly cracking jokes. Rather, humor is closely related to openness, and is often a prerequisite skill that needs to be honed in order to be able to move forward and make important changes swiftly, so that we don’t stay stuck in the same place.



True leadership in the Aura Way means actively making changes through positive initiations in our personal life, family, and community. Leadership means learning and developing ourselves constantly, and being willing to accept feedback or training. Leadership also means not being complacent to what is happening in our surroundings and to make sure our values are preserved. Without leadership, there is no future; life becomes a dull routine with no hope in sight because our life is led by others. To be a leader requires certain ingredients that cannot be overlooked, like good listening skills and fearlessness, but it also requires a large appetite to improve our current life. We have to be hungry for change in order to be good leaders. It means not being a bystander who stays stuck in the same place, but a person who is unwilling to leave things the way they are, but to shift and improve. If you find yourself doing the same tasks and following the same routine, it could be time to take an active leadership role and actively implement positive new ways of being.


Nourished Energy

Living a lifestyle that maintains our energy in a state of strength and flow, uninhibited by external and internal interferences.

Maintaining a high level of energy in our Aura has many benefits to our life and is one of the main goals of the Aura Way and Healaura’s KFL program. When we build high energy, a balanced Aura, and a strong connection to her we can receive an enormous amount of support for our life. This includes more wisdom, guidance, and direction about our path and Soul Guidelines and how to fulfill them. We then have the ability and tools to make positive changes in our life and live a life of more fulfilment. Nourishing the Aura and practicing our connection to her can also help ensure that we are receiving accurate and pure guidance for our life; this is paramount and is one of Healaura’s flagship expertise. If this pure connection is not maintained, we may receive and act on misleading guidance that can lead us astray and impact our life negatively. 

We can achieve this nourishing of our Aura by practicing the exercises and methods of the Aura Way on a regular basis. These may include the use of art, energetic and imagination exercises, exploration of our thoughts and patterns through self-inquiry and many other mental exercises, and much more. If we lead our life using the practical Auric Lifestyle Guidelines and energetic methods, it will fill us with new energy, raise our base level, allow us to connect to a higher vision of our life and Soul Guidelines, and prevent the energy loss we experience on a constant basis from all directions. 


Time Used Wisely

A significant part of the Aura Way deals with asking ourselves what we are doing with our time. Everyone has the same amount of time, and yet some of us accomplish so much more than others. To continue our growth, we need to go through a process of looking at habits we need to move away from, what new ways we can develop to bring more energy into our life, and how we can contribute our precious time to others, to help their lives be better.  What do we do after a day of work? Throughout the day, do we feel drained, tired, anxious, or conflicted? Is it hard to focus? Do we spend  quality time with people that give us energy on a regular basis? We need to examine if we keep ourselves consistently active; part of that is to pay attention how many hours we spend in front of a screen when we’re not actually working, or even participating in activities that could move you away from your soul plan. It’s important to work on a hobby, spend some time on writing and self-reflection, and discovering where we can be more impactful with our time use. Productivity isn’t about proving something. It’s about creating a balanced energy level for our life.



Living a lifestyle that maintains our energy in a state of strength and flow, uninhibited by external substances. External substances serve as a damaging interference to the energy of the Aura. The Aura Way takes an active approach based on commitment to change, development, forward positive movement, and orienting ourselves towards our higher vision and Soul Guidelines. Beyond the damage external substances do to our Aura, they also interfere with our ability to connect to the Aura in a pure way. External substances can often be an escape and prevent self-inquiry and development. Using drugs, alcohol, mushrooms and other psychedelics is something that can have consequences on our mental and emotional stability; with the Aura we can reach much deeper levels of wisdom, inspiration, and direction without the side effects, and without the dependency. The Aura is completely independent and self-sufficient, once you learn how to work with her. In the Aura Way we find happiness, solutions, meaning, and development by following our life purpose and balancing our energy, rather than using external substances. We embark on missions and create other positive activities and engagements for ourselves in order to reach higher places of development.


Mindful Use of Technology & Entertainment

When we are entertained or distracted, it is harder to think for ourselves and pay attention to our energy and surroundings. How many times has your child spoken to you when you were on your computer and you weren’t able to pull your eyes away from the screen? How many times have you asked your partner to get off the computer, TV, or game console  and you had to nag them to move away from it so that you’d finally be able to spend some quality time together? When we use technology for entertainment purposes, like watching a movie, playing video games, or catching up on the newest series we must ask ourselves, does this activity contribute to our life and surroundings positively? The gift of being alive is something we can take much more advantage of, to our own benefit, and to the benefit of others. We can develop our abilities and talents to create something new, and give something to others as well. Creating deep relationships with technology is very difficult, if not nearly impossible, even with “social video games.” Technology can take our mind away from the surrounding reality and can prevent us from being present in our relationships in life, and from building strong human connections that are vital to the Aura. Oftentimes, it can disconnect us from real connections, nature, emotions, and even our own families. While technology is immensely helpful and powerful, a balanced and mindful use of it and a reduction of digital entertainment can enable us to build and strengthen our relationships, and gain more energy. This will also prevent damage to the Aura and give us more time to strengthen her. In the Aura Way we can connect to our Aura and determine when, for how long, and what we should be doing on our screens to minimize the effects on our energy and relationships.



Maintaining balance within ourselves, between our head and heart, family and career, and relationships. Achieving equilibrium between all of these things is imperative to leading a life with less stress and mental pressure, more freedom from thoughts that push us down and squash our dreams, and greater room for growth and development. Building our intuition can help us know how much we’re going overboard in one area of life, investing too little in another, or needing to pick up something new altogether to maintain stable energy. A strong Aura is the key to reaching a balance between our emotions, logic, and previous knowledge and beliefs. She is the connection to our Soul Guidelines, and can guide us on where we need to direct our energy so that we move in a constant upward trajectory of growth. Normally, it is hard to know how to balance between family and career, but being able to find the right equilibrium is imperative to true fulfillment and happiness. Learning how to listen to the Aura’s messages and pure guidance, which is in accordance with our Soul Guidelines, is a crucial component of maintaining equilibrium. To be able to get that guidance on a reliable basis without the interference of other stress factors takes dedication and learned skill, but once we do so we’ll be able to establish a balance that’s accurate to our own personal path of life. Striking that balance, though, may not always be as straightforward as we may think, and it can look very different for each person.


Developing Those Around Us

Always paying attention to our surroundings and looking for places where we can help those around us develop. In the Aura Way we are dedicated to helping others reach new levels of growth and development. Every action or decision we make needs to take into consideration the amount of energy it will give us, as well as how much positive energy it will contribute to those around us. In the Aura Way our actions must be based on the idea that we and others develop in every circumstance. The concept of constantly developing is something the Aura considers as the breath of life; true emotional, intellectual and spiritual development is the driving force of our energy—it keeps us flexible, open, and moving forward. In the Aura, there is no end to growth, there is no ceiling and there never will be, even when you reach old age, a certain education level, or a large number of experiences. If we feel like we reached a certain level of growth in life, and we feel comfortable in that place, then that is death to the Aura. However, if you continue developing, and yet leave your partner or others around you behind, you have not fulfilled this principle. Developing others means embarking on a journey where you help others reach higher places of fulfillment. When everyone implements this principle, everyone grows and there is no one left behind. Eventually, when this reaches a certain level, our energy connects to something greater than ourselves, and will support the positive development of everyone on the planet. Developing people around you in every opportunity is one of the foundational principles of the Aura and is something that Aura Way practitioners strive towards.



The courage to look deep into yourself and take action for change even if it’s terrifying. Courage is a state of being that allows living us to also be in the unknown and push forward in all events and situations in life. Fearlessness is a state that must be aspired to, and requires a strong mind and inner power to live that way; it means to be true to our emotions, family, partner, and true calling. Courage is fundamental to implementing the Aura Way, because part of its work requires being willing to look into places you may have been too afraid to shine a light on previously (but are still influencing you subliminally), or venturing into the unexplored. It takes a type of inner strength and commitment to keep yourself in this type of development that reaches into the deepest parts of your being. True fearlessness requires humility and honesty with ourselves. There are many fears that could stop us from reaching the goals that are good for us and for others, like getting (or keeping) the right relationship that we feel we are not deserving of, implementing a new career direction, bringing children into the world, or even writing a book that could help others. It takes courage to explore the thoughts in our mind and the patterns that block us from our development, day in and day out. It takes courage to make a change in your relationship, or that career that’s eating away at your soul. It takes courage to maintain the principles of the Aura Way in our life.



Reaching new heights together by empowering each other to grow. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a community to keep developing. Community is a word used in many contexts, but community in the Aura Way means being in contact with people who have a common vision to contribute something to the world in a positive way, who when you are in contact with them there is mutual gain, and who inspire you to continue living and growing. Having a community-mindset requires the willingness to share your experience, thoughts, emotions, lessons and opinions with others. When we stay alone in the world, we are much less strong against the pressures of life, and our vulnerability can be taken advantage of in ways that support from others could prevent. Being community-oriented has a lot to do with openness to feedback and change, and being willing to examine our paradigms and other people’s perspectives. Community is a place where we have support to implement the Aura Way and avoid blindspots that can make us fall. It’s a place where we’re part of something bigger than ourselves, contributing to a vision and having more meaning. Community in the Aura Way does not mean losing the individual; the opposite, the individual makes up the community, and every personality brings a different and important aspect that allows for quicker growth, less mistakes, and more energy.


Creativity and Imagination

Finding creative solutions to problems that come up in life, and staying playful with our imagination. The Aura can often guide us in unexpected ways that require openness, but also creativity and imagination. Do you remember how we would build entire worlds out of leaves, sticks, and stones and how much fun that was? Or how we could sing, dance, and laugh so much more easily as children? This playfulness is essential to being open to change and keeping a dynamic approach to life. Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” We don’t use our imaginative abilities, and often stay stuck; we have to be much more creative and original than we usually are to find effective solutions and make positive changes for the deepest of our problems. Sometimes, we are too serious in the wrong places. We may think that creativity or imagination are things for kids that we need to hide as much as possible as adults, but in the Aura Way, the places where we may think we need to be the most serious are often the places where we need to be more playful. For some, this principle sounds counter-intuitive, but those who bring it into their life find that they are much more effective, and gain rather than lose energy when solving problems. Being creative means finding new ways of being, and dealing with issues that come up with our children, partner, or at work in ways that are out of the box and fresh.



Treating everyone, including all life forms and ourselves with dignity and respect. Respecting yourself means treating yourself as if you are someone worthy of being helped. It’s about allowing yourself to invest the time and money in your professional, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development. It’s putting yourself first without hurting others, and staying consistent with helping yourself grow—even when you don’t feel like doing anything, and when all you want to do is sit back and watch, or just plainly give up. In the Aura Way, we must also respect our energy and time, and spend them in the right places where we will gain energy. We must respect our Aura, and follow her guidance and direction to actively keep her alive. To be a person with true dignity means to respect not only yourself, but others, the ecosystems that support you, nature, and the life forms within it as well. In the Aura Way, respecting each other means giving a chance and space for others to develop without judgment. However, this principle has one other major point: in the Aura Way, being respectful also means not letting others give up or fall behind. It means helping others fight for what’s important for themselves and everyone around. 

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