Keys for Life Program

What if you could have endless energy to achieve everything
and a map to avoid life's obstacles?

The Keys for Life make it possible.

Connect to your true source of energy

The Keys for Life program is a path of deep and insightful learning about the fundamental components needed to live a life of joy, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. It is an intense and practical training course that teaches you how to create your mindset and lifestyle in such a way that your energy is always uplifted and you are not in doubt over your decisions. Imagine you have confidence in your direction because you know you are going the right way… Life is a mountain trek, but without a compass, how can we make sure we climb the right mountain? How can we climb without the proper tools? People from all over the world have taken our programs and become expert life-mountain climbers and life-path navigators. We invite you to join us and realign with your life purpose and actualize your dreams.

The Keys for Life program is composed of four stages:

Part 1 - Break Through the Limits​

Part 1 is the foundation of working with the aura, the true source of your energy–and the vital role she plays in your life. Implement practical changes to build up your inner core and develop the ability to recognize the sources of energy loss in your life. You will learn how to break away patterns, and take the relationship you have with yourself and with others to the next level of fulfillment, peace and growth.

Part 2 - The Aura Way

Part 2 focuses on excavating thoughts, worries, fears and paradigms that block us from reaching our true development. The Aura is a whole world in and of its own: Enhancing our connecting to her is vital to our development, as well as recognizing and mitigating the places in our life that could take us down ill-fitting or even disastrous paths that move us away from our Soul Plan.

Part 3 - The 90 Percent Beyond

After all the training you went through in Part 1 and 2 that gave you the essential building blocks on how to work with energy and on mitigating energetic blockages or patterns that make us stuck, Part 3 is a deep dive into developing your ability to channel, to receive intuitive messages from your Aura in a clean and accurate way. Channeling is a powerful tool that allows us to independently receive knowledge, wisdom and direction on-demand.

Part 4 - Aura Masterclass

Part 4 takes all of your accumulative training and brings it to a razor-sharp level of understanding. Here, we hone our ability of identifying energy loss in our life and traps that can be so seamlessly sewed into our life that we do not notice them. Working with the Aura isn’t all about moving colors. It’s about being willing to release our past knowledge or paradigms, so that we can be able to grow into a better version of ourselves–for the sake of our own life, our family and children, and community.

Intro to the Keys for Life Program

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Participants say about the program:

"Since working directly with my Aura with the tutelage of my teachers at Healaura, I have accelerated the pace of and become more effective with repairing, correcting, and creating new pathways.
By evolving my network for movement, my baseline energy is growing more compatible with my wonder for living life to the fullest. Entrusting in my Aura to bring gifts, without expectations, without judgement, she has revealed to me my life’s mission, and along with that the divine gift and ordained skills for service."
Jennifer Chu
Vancouver, Canada
“For 10 years I had no movement in my life. Everything was the same. After starting with the work with Healaura I started shifting things in my life that I never thought I will. I am less tense at work and people don’t stress me out anymore at work. I’m also enjoying my work (which before I didn't) and I also feel more confident."
Christine Harper
Penticton, Canada
“The course helped me feel more confidant and creative. I have more trust and faith in myself now. I am more aware to the energies around me, and I am more aware to my feelings. I am able to do many more things.”
Annya Hong
Kelowna, Canada
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