Keys For Life

Part 3: The 90 Percent Beyond

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10 weekly sessions


90 minutes per session

About Course

After having significantly strengthened the pillars of your Aura–your energy source–as well as working through dismantling harmful life patterns and blockages by implementing the crucial tools in Keys for Life Part 2: The Aura Flow, this course will start your discipline of communicating directly with your Aura using simple yet fundamental techniques. It is a deep dive into the relationship with your Aura: you will learn how to channel, begin to receive messages from your Aura, and direct your life more in accordance with your Soul Plan. In practicing these unique tools, you will learn how to clear out buried or deep-set stories, past experiences or beliefs, and expectations that can prevent us from receiving clean, accurate directions. You will develop the ability to receive knowledge and wisdom from the most ancient energetic being in the universe: the Aura, and be able to choose with much higher accuracy where and how you can take your life forward in every given moment, according to the guidelines of your soul.


Learning how to channel is a huge step for you and your Aura, and this is what Part 3 of the Keys for Life program is The 90% Beyond – Integrating the Aura Way is all about. Your Aura is constantly wanting to bring you messages about you, your life, and how to enhance it in every moment of every day. This is your Aura’s mission: to work with you and to guide you in how to live your life according to your Soul Plan, and practicing the methods of channelling the Aura brings you a well of new energy, focus, fulfillment and inner peace. You will be challenged to deepen the movement of energy in your life with new types of missions that both develop and strengthen you. 

When you start to blend the Aura practice into your life, you begin to live in a new reality. You take yourself out of the everyday and enter a new dimension–a new way of existing. But like every significant change in life it requires commitment, and a willingness to try exercises you may have never done before that will make your mind flexible and your heart full. The new missions are geared toward cultivating new energy in your relationships with your children, partner, parents, and those you work with, as well as missions that incorporate art, nature, and a deeper connection to yourself. Some missions are related to your specific Soul Plan, and get you moving toward it. This foundational course is the beginning of a new world of movement, energy and development.


Is this course online? Currently, everything is live over conference calls. The guides have a good sense of humor, and you get to ask questions; the content is personalized to the participants. This course is currently in the works of becoming an online program.
The courses are based on ancient knowledge of the aura, but the enormous benefits of how we can balance and utilize her energy is completely new channeled information by Amir Cooper, who passed a car accident 20 years ago, and became an open vessel of high-level knowledge on the enlightened world, and how we can connect to it. Learn more at Our Story (hyperlink).
How will this course fit my time zone? With our rolling admissions, groups are formed and time zones are coordinated, depending on the group’s time preferences. We recently had 4 time zones we had to juggle, and it still worked out!
There is no limit to what you can do with this knowledge. The aura can actually give us SUPER POWERS in the often tangled and difficult web of life. Why? Because when we balance our energy in the Aura, we can become laser-focused towards our Soul Plan, what we wrote as a soul as the things we wanted to accomplish in our lifetime, and build the energy towards fulfilling it.

Our Approach

Practice, practice and more practice. We’re hands-on. We encourage you not to leave the notes in the notebook. It’s in the name; Healaura—heal your Aura. We take a very practical approach and don’t load you with a bunch of BS just to take more of your time. Your time is precious, and we make the most out of it by guiding sessions packed with new exercises, methods, perspectives and knowledge.  

This course is not a theoretical university course. It’s a course for your life, to be internalized and worked with. 100 percent of the people that implemented the multitude of practical methods and exercises began to see significant changes even after the first Break Through the Limits session. We keep the groups small, and the (brilliant) guides connect the (amazing) material to the participants’ own life situations. 

What Will I Learn?


"I had colitis. I felt stuck, trapped, depressed, anxious, desperate, and unhappy, I felt no sense of purpose or direction in my life. I was not happy with my work or marriage. I learned and tried many other healing modalities, but it only seemed I was back to feeling the same way as before. Then, I found the website link to Healaura Academy and decided to take the Keys for Life course. Shortly after implementing the practical tools, I noticed a difference and realized that I was feeling better and better. I was able to completely drop the medication."

~ Leif Kristiansen

Create a
Life Vision

"Gave me direction and happiness"

"From the guidance I received in the Keys for Life course, I learned how I could use my energy field to make better decisions about my life in many areas. This gave me direction, purpose, higher energy, better health, better relationships, more fun and happiness, and better confidence. It was a gradual and natural healing process which lasted and transformed my life completely.”

~ Elijah Adler

Develop accurate
on-demand wisdom

"Able to convey the messages"

"In my healing work, I am able to receive clearer messages about my clients. In the past, I could only see visions when tuning into someone’s energy. Now, I understand and am able to convey the message that comes along with that vision. In my personal life, I am able to receive more messages from my guides and am sure of what steps to take in my life."

~ Amit Dror

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