Keys For Life

Part 1: Break Through the Limits


 7 weekly sessions


90 minutes per session

About Course

Do you feel off or drained at the end of each day, but can’t gather the will or energy to change things? What if you don’t know how to go about making these changes in the first place? Learning about the Aura, balancing our energy with practical methods, and becoming aware of invisible pitfalls allows us to Break Through the Limits of our understanding and begin to work on behaviors and habits that help us recreate our life with more energy. When we connect to the Aura and work on balancing our true source of energy, we can reach much higher levels of focus and direction, and recover more inner power and equilibrium to make positive change in our life in accordance with our Soul Plan.


Break Through the Limits is Part 1 of our flagship Keys for Life program that kick starts your connection with your Aura and gives you a toolbox packed full of methods, exercises and lifestyle guidelines designed to support your core energy. We will begin to understand the true meaning of the Aura and the hidden gifts she has to offer, since a balanced Aura is the most critical component for lasting self-actualization. By developing our connection to her, we can access the deepest, most true parts of our soul and Soul Plan, which guides us to live a life of purpose, energy and fulfillment. We will also uncover an important element that interferes with the basic functioning of our life, and is the root cause of our pitfalls, energy loss, and old patterns and habits that we often can’t seem to shake off. Recognizing its mechanisms and the way it blocks us from reaching our higher potential is critical to regaining our energy. In Break Through the Limits, we set out to break paradigms on what we know about the natural human energy field, what she can do, and the endless benefits she can have on our life. 


Is this course online? Currently, everything is live over conference calls. The guides have a good sense of humor, and you get to ask questions; the content is personalized to the participants. This course is currently in the works of becoming an online program.
The courses are based on ancient knowledge of the aura, but the enormous benefits of how we can balance and utilize her energy is completely new channeled information by Amir Cooper, who passed a car accident 20 years ago, and became an open vessel of high-level knowledge on the enlightened world, and how we can connect to it. Learn more at Our Story (hyperlink).
How will this course fit my time zone? With our rolling admissions, groups are formed and time zones are coordinated, depending on the group’s time preferences. We recently had 4 time zones we had to juggle, and it still worked out!
There is no limit to what you can do with this knowledge. The aura can actually give us SUPER POWERS in the often tangled and difficult web of life. Why? Because when we balance our energy in the Aura, we can become laser-focused towards our Soul Plan, what we wrote as a soul as the things we wanted to accomplish in our lifetime, and build the energy towards fulfilling it.

Our Approach

Practice, practice and more practice. We’re hands-on. We encourage you not to leave the notes in the notebook. It’s in the name; Healaura—heal your Aura. We take a very practical approach and don’t load you with a bunch of BS just to take more of your time. Your time is precious, and we make the most out of it by guiding sessions packed with new exercises, methods, perspectives and knowledge.  

This course is not a theoretical university course. It’s a course for your life, to be internalized and worked with. 100 percent of the people that implemented the multitude of practical methods and exercises began to see significant changes even after the first Break Through the Limits session. We keep the groups small, and the (brilliant) guides connect the (amazing) material to the participants’ own life situations. 

What Will I Learn in Part 1?

Connect to a Well
of Energy

"I feel so energized."

"My sleeping pattern has gradually changed and I need way less sleep than before. I don’t have a feeling of being fatigued or deprived of sleep. Actually it’s the opposite. I'm able to sleep so little and feel so energized. Things that I used to turn over in my mind a hundred times, I can now just let go. I don’t lose so much energy over them. That's because I’m working with the energy of the Aura."

~ Patrick M.

Gain Creativity
& Inspiration

"Everyday I have new ideas."

I feel very inspired. Everyday I have new ideas about new projects that maybe I can do. And suddenly the people that can help me do it appear in my life! I increased the number of workshops I was leading, improved my relationships with the people who are closest to me, and deepened my relationship with myself.

Laura G.

Increase Focus

"A clear direction."

Uplifting, inspiring, and very practical. I walked away with a renewed sense of energy and a clear direction for the next step in my life.I have a heightened sense of well-being. I feel more at peace. The anxiety and restlessness I have had before have significantly diminished. I feel like I can finally put down the heavy load I’ve been carrying.

~Bryce Green