Immune Boosting Energy Exercise

Before you start:

  • This energy exercise is designed to help boost the energy of your immune system to fight pathogens by responding faster and acting more accurately against them. It can help you feel more energized.
  • This energy exercise will take approximately 25 min.
  • In general we recommend doing this exercise at least once a week and every day if the situation around you is becoming more extreme, or if you are at a higher risk of contracting pathogens. If you’re sick, you can even do it three times a day.
  • Please release expectations of the results of this exercise because having expectations will block the process on the energetic level.
  • You can do this exercise in your imagination on babies, children or people of all ages to help boost their immune system.
  • Create a space of time that you don’t need to think about other things and you can relax and concentrate on the exercise.
  • Before you begin this exercise, find a place to lie down, preferably on a natural surface, or on a sheet made of natural material. Please put your phone away, and keep a distance from your computer.

Exercise Steps:

Imagining colors

  • Please lie down on your back. It is important that you make yourself comfortable and relaxed for this exercise, and be focused on this exercise only. Please push away any other troubling thoughts from your mind, especially fearful thoughts. Being in a state of panic or stress will harm the effectiveness of this exercise.
  • For the next 12 minutes, you will be imagining several colours wrapping around our whole body.
  • Start by imagining a white color that will touch the entire surface of your skin; it does not fill your body, but rather touches the outside of it: Imagine a white light touching the top of your head. Imagine the white touch the back of your head, your face. Imagine the white touching your whole neck. Upper chest and shoulders, shoulder blades, filling our whole back and front, the stomach and low back and front. Now encompass your thighs with white. Imagine the colour encompassing the knees, shins and calves, and the feet, with every toe covered in white. Now stay with this color wrapping your entire body for three minutes. As you are imagining white, focus on how the color is wrapped around your whole body on your skin. Avoid the wondering of your thoughts to other things preventing you from imagining the color. After three minutes of imagining white, release the white color.
  • Now imagine the color orange wrapping your whole body for the next 3 minutes, as you did before. After three minutes of imagining orange, release the orange color.
  • Now imagine the color light green wrapping your whole body for 3 minutes. Once you are done release the color.
  • Now imagine red around your whole body for 3 minutes. Once done release the red.


Please get up slowly by pushing yourself up through your side to a sitting position. In a sitting position, begin to tap softly with the tips of your fingers on your body. Tap the areas that you can comfortably reach. You can use both hands at the same time. Make sure you are not tapping strongly. Keep the tapping for 5 minutes.

Gentle massage

  • Please begin to gently massage the front of your knees. Concentrate on the feeling of your knees, and the feeling of your hands massaging your knees gently. You can massage both of your knees at the same time. Massage slightly above the knee, the knee cap, slightly below the knee, and to the sides. Do that for 2.5 minutes.
  • Please massage your feet. You can either use both hands for each foot, or you can use one hand on each foot, whichever you prefer. Massage the sole of your feet. Concentrate on the feeling of your foot, your toes, the heel, the arch of your foot. Do that for 2.5 minutes.

There you have it, you are done.

Final words:

  • Please share this exercise so that as many people as possible can benefit from this exercise.
  • We would love to hear what you felt after trying this exercise. You can comment on our Youtube video of this exercise or to our email, where you can also ask us questions.

Thank you for watching and we hope you will stay healthy and safe. We wish you all the best.

Please note that this exercise is designed as an energetic immune booster against pathogens, but it’s in no way a replacement to any other treatment, therapy or medical advice. If you’re experiencing any symptoms, please seek medical advice. This exercise may help in strengthening your immune system by working with your natural energy field. Again, this is in addition to using other treatments and helpful therapies.

Call and ask any question!