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Do you have a hunger for expanding your mind?

Identifying your blindspots, and working on raising the level of vitality you have in your life?

Are you thirsty for fresh energy, for developing yourself in new ways, and for leading every moment in life with higher direction and vision?

The Keys for Life program allows you to gain insights on relationships, career, and health on a completely new level, based on your unique life situation.

The program specializes in giving practical tools for you to re-examine the often subconscious patterns you may be falling into time and time again that hold you back from reaching your higher potential. With powerful tools that connect you to your true source of energy, it allows you to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself and with others.

Healaura’s flagship program gives down-to-earth methods you can immediately implement to proactively handle deep blockages at the emotional, mental, and spiritual level that impede your development and prevent the next steps you need to take in your life.

Getting out of your comfort zone allows you to jump into a new world of possibilities for your personal, professional, and family life.

Four Ways Your Life will Change by Taking

the Keys for Life Program

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Hello, nice to meet you!

We help individuals, families and couples tap into the real source of their energy: The aura.

The aura is much more than just colors. In fact, the aura is a living being, an energetic entity that is personal and unique to each and every one of us. She can—already is—your guide. We just need to learn how to connect to her and receive the messages she’s constantly sending us in a clear, and accurate way. Sometimes, with all the stress we experience in life, the limiting beliefs, the blocking thoughts, the trauma, and the other things that can bog us down, we aren’t able to actually receive any feedback, direction, or even be able to focus.

More than 20 years ago, Amir Cooper, together with his wife Orit began to bring down this profound knowledge on how we can utilize our aura—and the critical role she can play in our life in matter of discovering our pre-birth life plan. It started with a car accident that steamrolled everything. Amir became a channel of wisdom from the enlightened world that is guiding us until today, to teach people how they can become their own channelers of wisdom, for themselves.

Years of

Amir & Orit Cooper


Results we have helped create

Hear out what our participants say about us.
"So, the years passed by and in most of them I was in grad school, and in the end I reached a dead end. I ran out of solutions. At the age of 40, I got to a point that I realized I was in engineering, feeling depressed, isolated and alone. When I started to work with my Aura and received the guidance, it opened alternatives in my lives I couldn’t realize before. I was like a horse whose blinders were removed. Having new insights through this work, I started tutoring math and science for high school students. I felt uplifted and satisfied after every session. It was natural for me and I did that effortlessly. I am free."
Nir Ben-Oved
Mathematics Teacher
“For 10 years I had no movement in my life. Everything was the same. After starting with the work with Healaura I started shifting things in my life that I never thought I will. I am less tense at work and people don’t stress me out anymore at work. I’m also enjoying my work (which before I didn't) and I also feel more confident."
Irina Goncharov
White Rock, Canada
"From the guidance I received in the Keys for Life course, I learned how I could use my energy field to make better decisions about my life in many areas. This gave me direction, purpose, higher energy, better health, better relationships, more fun and happiness, and better confidence. It was a gradual and natural healing process which lasted and transformed my life completely."
Steinar G.
"Today, I wake up in the morning with a smile and full of energy for the day. I sometimes feel butterflies of excitement before I go to tutor. I never felt I “don’t feel like it”. I just want to do it more and more. I am laughing with my students. With time, the relationships with the families developed to something very special, beyond just professional relationships. They constantly tell me how much they appreciate my help to their children, and it always feels like a celebration to come to their home. It feels like a community."
Rebecca Newman
"Thanks to the tools that I learn in Healaura, I have time to take it easy, work without stress, handle tensions of deadlines and the money culture of carpentry while having energy to care about the client and most of all care about the quality of work I am doing. I gain energy at work and the customers are very happy with my work!"
George Rice
New West Minister, Canada
"I lived in a condo in a big city and worked a 9 – 5 office job in front of a computer all day long. I needed a new “career” and a new life. I took courses in Healaura, developed my inner guidance, and sold my condo and decided to move away from the city to a smaller place in the country. This felt like a “breath of fresh air” moving to a small town. I now feel better with myself, I have more energy for my life and I have more time to do things. All of this was possible because of the guidance I received from Healaura. If it wasn’t for this, I would still feel stuck in a job and life that was not right for me and living in a place that kept me isolated and alone. I now have a life that is much more enjoyable and satisfying."
Zoe Andino
Children's Instructor
"The lack of confidence was totally gone, through the course with Healaura, and we never worked on that matter at all. I am totally free from all the lack of confidence, from this enemy voice that was always criticizing me and putting me down. This was all gone, completely a stranger to me. I realize how confident I am at work now, with all the time creative ideas, quick thinker, totally confident in taking more responsibilities and bigger challenges at work."
Natalie Martin
Business Consultant
"After I started using the knowledge of the Human Energy Field I felt different with myself, it was an improved “me” and I can say the understanding I gained allowed me to steer my life into a more happy and fulfilling direction. I felt overall more positive and more meaningful about myself thanks to the practical directions I have gotten.. I have done a 360-degree-turn and can say that I am feeling happy now about who I am and what I do."
Karl Fischer

Re-Ignite Your Life

Healaura's flagship series is a deep dive into redefining our reality—where does our energy come from, what suppresses it and therefore takes us down, and how we can gain inner power and peace by learning to balance and connect to our Aura for on-demand wisdom.

4 Fundamental
Keys For Life

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Discover the turbo-engine
When the Aura is balanced, maintained and nourished, it gives you the fuel to tackle an endless amount of projects, sleep less, find more joy in everyday life, follow your life path, pursue goals and overcome challenges.
Uncover the pre-birth life plan
A plan of experiences, goals, and connections you set out to do before you started this lifetime and, because of a lack of awareness and knowledge on our planet, the connection to this source is lost.
Break through patterns and traps
Identifying the places we can fall in our daily routine, weeding out invisible blockages in our mind that sabotage our development and growth, and receive tools how to proactively deal with it.
Expand your intuition
so that you can call on your own trustworthy source of wisdom to guide you in decision making in every aspect of life, and being able to receive it without the interference of other blockages and thoughts.
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