Focus Programs

Continuing Ed and Special Interest


 5 weekly sessions


90 minutes per session

About Course

In this Masterclass Healaura is offering, we will learn to identify patterns; patterns that the parasitic system sews into our everyday life so seamlessly that it looks like a natural part of the fabric of life. However, our energy gets caught in these hidden traps, and to avoid them, we first need to discover what they are and how they look like in the first place. We will explore how the parasite uses an unwritten code that makes us attracted to routine. Yes, it sounds simple. But of course, it’s never as simple as it sounds. To deeply understand how the parasite catches us in the small and large things that accumulate into enormous losses of energy, we can utilize the aura to continue the process of looking at our life from a bird’s eye view. This 5-session program can give you the support and the guidance to help you recognize engrained traps related to your routine and to continue developing your energy to change it. 

With the aura, the sky is the limit. To our Aura, we are still young. We still have a whole new world we can better familiarize ourselves with, and  there are still more layers of understanding and wisdom we can explore. This is why we called this Masterclass, Revealing Blindspots. Until now, you learned about what the aura can do in your life, how she can support you, and what you need to change so that she will be able to revive and grow from her state of survival.


Is this course online? Currently, everything is live over conference calls. The guides have a good sense of humor, and you get to ask questions; the content is personalized to the participants. This course is currently in the works of becoming an online program.
The courses are based on ancient knowledge of the aura, but the enormous benefits of how we can balance and utilize her energy is completely new channeled information by Amir Cooper, who passed a car accident 20 years ago, and became an open vessel of high-level knowledge on the enlightened world, and how we can connect to it. Learn more at Our Story (hyperlink). These tools represent a plethora of gifts that Orel has been giving us to enliven our connection with our inner compass. These gifts naturally bring more focus, confidence, direction and balance into our lives—because the more we connect to the aura, the more we connect to why we came to this planet. Continuing to use these powerful aura methods will only strengthen your energy and your ability to receive clean messages, and we encourage you to continue practicing.
How will this course fit my time zone? With our rolling admissions, groups are formed and time zones are coordinated, depending on the group’s time preferences. We recently had 4 time zones we had to juggle, and it still worked out!
There is no limit to what you can do with this knowledge. The aura can actually give us SUPER POWERS in the often tangled and difficult web of life. Why? Because when we balance our energy in the Aura, we can become laser-focused towards our Soul Plan, what we wrote as a soul as the things we wanted to accomplish in our lifetime, and build the energy towards fulfilling it.

Our Approach

Practice, practice and more practice. We’re hands-on. We encourage you not to leave the notes in the notebook. It’s in the name; Healaura—heal your Aura. We take a very practical approach and don’t load you with a bunch of BS just to take more of your time. Your time is precious, and we make the most out of it by guiding sessions packed with new exercises, methods, perspectives and knowledge.  

This course is not a theoretical university course. It’s a course for your life, to be internalized and worked with. 100 percent of the people that implemented the multitude of practical methods and exercises began to see significant changes even after the first Break Through the Limits session. We keep the groups small, and the (brilliant) guides connect the (amazing) material to the participants’ own life situations. 

What Will I Learn?