Couple's counseling

Harmonize Your Relationship Through Proven Intuitive Couple's Counseling

Healing Past Wounds Exploration of Dynamics

Co-Creating a Vibrant Partnership

Personalized Guidance and Release of Negative patterns

Heal the Past, Secure the Future: Transforming couple & family Dynamics

Awaken And Maintain Your Love: Experience The Healing Power Of Couple's Counseling​

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Couple's Counseling

Couple Session

$247 / 75 min
  • Ignite a deeper connection and mutual understanding
  • Identify and overcome areas of friction together
  • Gain expert guidance tailored to your unique relationship dynamics

Couple Session

$589 / three 75 min sessions
  • Ignite a deeper connection and mutual understanding
  • Identify and overcome areas of friction together
  • Gain expert guidance tailored to your unique relationship dynamics

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What's in it for you

Strengthen Your Connection: create balance in Your Relationship with Practical Couple's Counseling

  • Delve deep into the heart of your relationship, exploring the profound dynamics between you and your partner for life-changing experiences and deeply meaningful insights
  • Get help to identify and let go of the shadows and barriers within your relationship that created emotional imbalance. Healaura’s couple’s counseling sessions help foster stability, harmony, and peace in your relationship
  • Leverage practical tools given in the personal sessions, tailored to your unique needs, in order to nourish a passionate, healthy, and vibrant connection between you and your partner, as well as improve your family dynamics
  • Embrace a holistic approach that not only touches upon the physical, but also reaches the emotional, mental, and spiritual depths of your shared life together
  • Liberate yourselves from emotional/mental patterns that create cracks in the relationship 
  • Tap into expertly channeled guidance and insights to unlock the untapped potential within your partnership, gaining emotional clarity, and unveiling your shared dreams and purpose

Couple's Counseling

supported by spiritually-guided messages and wisdom from beyond the ordinary realm

At Healaura Academy, we pride ourselves on our distinctive approach to fostering relationship healing and growth using practical, down-to-earth guidance and couple exercises. As your guides, Amir and Orit Cooper, we utilize intuitive analysis and holistic techniques to assist you and your partner in forging a harmonious and balanced connection.

With a quarter of a century of experience in couple’s counseling, Amir and Orit Cooper have been pivotal in helping families remain united, flourish, and evolve. Amir has lent his expertise as an intuitive coach and healer over these 25 years, using his abilities to inspire growth and healing. 

On the other hand, Orit brings her 25 years experience as a counselor, with a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and a four-year diploma from the esteemed Adler Institute in family counseling. Together, their synergistic approach offers a comprehensive, transformative experience.


Couple’s Counseling Benefits:

  1. Identifying Friction Areas: We assist you in pinpointing areas of friction in your relationship and provide strategies to enhance those areas, improving the overall harmony in your relationship.
  2. Reigniting the Spark: Our counseling service offers practical methods to rekindle the spark in your relationship, helping you to rediscover the joy and interest in each other.
  3. Revitalizing Exercises: Our sessions will introduce you to a host of practical exercises designed to refresh and deepen your relationship. These techniques help change ingrained patterns and maximize the energy and fun you bring to each other.
  4. Positive Focus: We aid in identifying positive aspects in your life and relationship and provide guidance on how to amplify these areas to enhance overall happiness and satisfaction.
  5. Effective Communication: We offer strategies to enhance your communication skills, enabling you to express yourselves without depleting energy, leading to a more balanced and understanding relationship.
  6. Family Guidance: If you have children, our counseling can also offer valuable advice on maintaining harmony and energy while taking care of them, ensuring a balanced family life.
  7. Career Consultation: We also provide guidance on how to manage your career without sacrificing your energy, ensuring a balanced and vibrant work-life relationship.
  8. Energy Balance: We assist in identifying areas in your life where energy may be lost, and provide solutions to rectify this, promoting overall well-being and vitality in your relationship and personal life.
  9. Aura Exploration: Through our sessions, we delve into the energetic fields surrounding you and your partner, gaining insights into the vibrational patterns, imbalances, and strengths that may be influencing your relationship dynamics. By understanding and working with these energies, we can facilitate healing and transformation.
  10. Enhancing Communication and Empathy: Energetic Couple’s Counseling empowers you and your partner to develop a deeper understanding and sensitivity towards each other’s energetic needs and boundaries. By cultivating this awareness, you can enhance your communication skills, foster empathy, and create a more compassionate and supportive partnership.
  11. Co-Creating a Vibrant Partnership: Through Energetic Couple’s Counseling, you and your partner have the opportunity to consciously co-create a vibrant and fulfilling partnership. By working together to cultivate positive energies, align intentions, and tap into your shared energetic potential, you can manifest a relationship that is aligned with your highest vision.

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