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Developing a
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Our Mission and Vision

Healaura Academy was co-founded by Amir and Orit Cooper, who came to Canada from Israel 20 years ago and continued expanding their practice to work with hundreds of people internationally. They have also been involved in creating and leading parenting courses and workshops for strengthening families, coaching on leadership and professional-development, as well as relationship and marriage counseling. They created the Aura Way, a new self-development process and pedagogy that allows people not only to receive “wisdom-on-demand,” but also to have much more energy and direction in their life with greater alignment to their Pre-Birth Life Plan (PBLP).

The Aura Way process begins by strengthening us from the inside and building our connection to the Aura and PBLP; this then allows us to face the places in our life that are pulling us down and blocking our development. We build an internal well of energy that we can draw on and work with to make decisions that are more aligned with our true path in order to achieve our highest goals. 

Once you develop a strong connection with your Aura and learn to maintain it, it can allow you to create significant life changes in many areas, such as in your romantic and familial relationships, business partnerships, friendships, and the relationship we have with ourselves. Nourishing and enhancing our Aura is the key to living our life with greater joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Our Founders

Both Orit and Amir Cooper come from academic backgrounds, in the general and behavioral sciences. They moved a country with their three children to open a center in which they train individuals from all walks of life on working with the method they have developed, which has proved itself for the past two decades. Their passion is to empower them to be independent, have the ability to receive answers on their own without the need for any external influences or mind-altering psychedelics or drugs, and guide them how to help other people by tapping into their inner wisdom.

Amir and Orit have been working on a number of books about the method and the philosophy, which are all going through stages of publication that a group of dedicated volunteers are helping to push forward. Orit and Amir live modestly in rural British Columbia, where they plant trees and work long hours. In their spare time, they spend time with their children and grandchildren without the use of screens, and help their community fight for things that matter both on a local and global scale.

Amir & Orit’s passion is to empower people to be independent, have the ability to receive answers on their own without the need for any external influences, mind-altering psychedelics or drugs, and guide them on how to help themselves & others by tapping into their own inner wisdom.

Our Team


Co-Founder, Senior Instructor and Coach

Amir founded Healaura Academy with his wife Orit in 1997 in Israel. Through his direct and pure channel of energetic communication with the enlightened being Orel, Amir has brought a new methodology of working with the energy field, thought blockages, life purpose, and intuition. This process and materials form the core curriculum of the academy. Amir is an educator, writer, musician, homeschool parent, grandfather, gardener, and avid naturalist. He rarely forgets to tell a joke and can often be found working and communicating with some plant or animal, training someone, or caring for a person with a message or a massage.


Co-Founder, Senior Instructor and Coach

Orit is the other half of the Healaura co-founder power duo. Her undying dedication to facilitating and writing down everything Amir has channeled for over 20 years is unmatched and has resulted in thousands of pages of material (as well as an often sore hand) which we hope we will be able to process and publish in their lifetime! Orit brings both a pragmatic and wide-horizon point of view to everything she does which is key in her leadership role at the academy, in the questions she asks to get new material, and in the sessions she guides. With a BFA in Social Work and certification from the Adler Institute, she is an educator, writer, dancer, homeschool parent, grandmother, and quite possibly the fastest hand-writer in the West.



Yam is the eldest son of Orit and Amir and remembers the days and nights he spent as a youth helping with designing brochures and business cards in the early days of the academy and being present in courses since an early age. Having guidance about his life purpose and training on using his intuition while growing up has been a unique and incredible experience. Today he has a wife and two children and together they are raising them using principles of the Aura Way. Yam is an educator of homeschool groups, curriculum designer, author, illustrator and musician.



Since a young age, May (the middle child of Orit and Amir) has been exposed to high-level group training, and had taken lots of mindset and self-development personal sessions with the Healaura method, learning how to channel and connect to her aura in a powerful and practical way since she was just 8 years old. These experiences allowed her to become a one-on-one intuitive supporter for people from all over the world to help them go through a process of deep inner change that’s taught through the Aura Way. She credits her parents on guiding her to start a radio show when she was 18 years old, and today she is on two radio stations and her podcast interviews professors, Navy Seals & army veterans, entrepreneurs and others about topics of leadership, new research in medicine and science, as well as social breakthroughs that make society a better place.



The youngest of Orit and Amir’s children, Sharel has also grown up in the family adventure of guiding people to connect with their life purpose and energy field. His childhood is defined by the unique experience of being completely homeschooled and unschooled through a diverse set of experiences and people, all guided by channeling in order to form the multi-talented man he is today. When not guiding a course, working in the shop or building a garden bed, Sharel can be found playing a variety of musical instruments.



Gloria has been working with the Healaura method since 2008, when a chance encounter with one of her clients showed her the capabilities of our energy field. Since then, she feels there is no stronger tool people can use for their self-development than their Aura, and has helped guide people through incredibly deep changes and developments as a course facilitator. Using the principles of the Aura Way, Gloria also helps manage the Healaura office and is committed to helping people connect to the source of their energy and live their life purpose. Gloria has a BA (Hons), certificates in Counselling and Human Resources, and currently works as a Project Manager for a charity. When she’s not in an office somewhere, you can find her singing, dancing, playing music, laughing at jokes with her husband, hiking, and nurturing a growing love for mushroom hunting.

How it began

It started with a car accident. On a cold day in December of 1997, Amir Cooper was quite stressed; with two small children, one who was born just five months prior, finances were tight, and now he had a company that wasn’t paying for professional work he’d provided for them. He’d sent them the bill, several times, in fact, and it had been months without any response. He just saw the money get further and further away from him.

How would his family make it? They already had one child, and his wife, Orit, had just given birth to another. And now he has to chase after these big companies that don’t pay to stay afloat? He decided to drive over to them and ask for the bill to be paid in person. But as he passed a light and was distracted with a bee flying in his car, he didn’t notice that the truck in front of him in the next intersection had stopped, and he instantly crashed into the back. Nothing would happen to the other driver, or to the truck—only Amir’s life would never be the same again.

Amir and his future wife, Orit Drori, met at a beach get-together with mutual friends in Israel. Both Orit and Amir came from abusive families—physically and verbally. Both had a clear higher vision to build a family completely different than the realities they faced in their childhood. They developed a strong bond based on friendship, which later became love. Even before they had children, Orit and Amir took parenting courses (the only participants without children), self-development courses, and any other upgrading to prepare them to be best kind of parents they could be—to work on any possible paradigms, harmful mindsets, or preconceived notions.

Amir continued working as a professional landscaper for large companies, and Orit worked as a counselor in junior highschools with youth and youth at risk with her behavioral sciences degree. As head of her unit, Orit worked with many professionals—from psychologists and psychiatrists, to judges and other levels of government—to get children out of dangerous situations, or to help them cope with their broken families.

After the accident, Amir walked with a limp. But the doctor said that his ankle had suffered irreparable damage and soon he would be unable to ever walk again. 70 percent of his cartilage was destroyed, and there was nothing medicine could do to replace cartilage. Amir wouldn’t be able to limp around the house or into the car much longer.

Orit knew this couldn’t be the only answer; there had to be another way. She decided to go to a psychic and ask her what to do, and the psychic said:

“A doctor will come from the sky.”

A light bulb turned on in Orit’s mind.

“Adrian Dvir!” she thought. He was a well-known alternative healer in Israel, who conducted private healing sessions in his spare time, when he wasn’t working as an engineer. She asked Amir to go to him, and he took his car and drove there. Adrian Dvir’s apartment was inside a modest, old 4-story building. Adrian greeted him into his small and simple place, and got him to sit on the clinical bed that was situated behind a partition. Amir told him of the accident and the doctor’s verdict of being unable to continue walking.

Adrian asked him to lay down. While on the bed, Amir suddenly saw a green screen appear in his mind’s eye, like a television screen. Then small, yellow lights began to turn on and fill the screen.

“Do you see these lights?” Amir asked.

“Yes, I see them,” Adrian said.

“What are they?”

“I don’t know them, I cannot talk with them,” Adrian Dvir said. “But you can talk with them; see if you can receive a message from them.”

It took time for him to understand that these lights were actually inside his injured leg. Then he heard a voice in his mind say:  

“Mr. Cooper, we have waited many years to work with you.”

Even though no one was touching him, he felt thumps and heat on his leg while these orbs of light worked inside his ankle. Amir remembers that the energetic beings had also told him to transfer a suggestion to Adrian Dvir about things he needs to improve in his personal life. Amir and Adrian the energetic beings take care of the inside of his joint, repairing torn fibers and the destroyed cartilage. It was a very delicate process.

Amir would continue walking until today, 24 years later; the energetic beings had healed his leg.  Amir stood up and paid Adrian for the treatment. Then he asked:

“What should I do?”

“There’s a medical team that’s come to work with you from a different world,” Adrian Dvir said. “They want to work with you. I suggest you to start helping people by opening a clinic of your own.”

Adrian then went away for a moment and came back with his own published book. He signed it and gave it to Amir. “This is in exchange for what you gave me.”

Amir wanted to pay for the book, but Adrian insisted that he had gained from this experience as much as Amir did. “I don’t know these beings. They came to work with you, and I learned something here as well.”

Amir drove back home with the signed book, and a completely new perspective on what his next steps would be. More than 20 years later, he still has Adrian’s signed book with him, and opened a clinic in Israel. The sessions he gave people were powerful; word of mouth about this new practice spread like wild fire. People from all over the country came to get treatments and sessions from Amir. Amazing and profound changes happened in their lives because of the messages and the wisdom they received and implemented.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of stories to tell of the lives that blossomed and developed from the wealth of new material that Amir began to channeling about the Aura, our Pre-Birth Life Plan, and the ways in which the interfering thoughts, patterns and traps in our life infiltrate our life in sophisticated ways that pull us away from our path. Women and men were able to know the source of their ailments, diseases, and symptoms—not only on an emotional level, but on a level that relates to how close or far away they were  to their Pre-Birth Life Plan: what they have written as souls before they born as the higher vision, career and family goals they wanted to accomplish in this lifetime.  

Our Community

Since its inception, we have offered our programs and services over the phone to students who cannot attend in person. As a result, Healaura Academy is proud to have students and alumni in many countries all over the world, in almost every continent (outreach efforts in Antarctica are a little frozen). When you join a program, you become part of our global community of people who are building the steering wheel of their lives and making a difference around them. Some of them are actively taking programs to create various initiatives and therefore you may meet them; others have taken programs and gone on to do more great things in life; still others return once in a while for continuing education. Whatever the case, here is a glimpse of some of our people engaged in various community activities and programs.

Call and ask any question!