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Personal Aura Readings

A deep analysis of your energy field that offers insights into your personality, health, relationships & more.


Group Intuitive Consultations

Discover obstacles that are holding you back, insights about your relationships & career in a group setting.


Personal Intuitive Consultations

Gain your energy back, reveal your soul plan, and transform your life.


Past Life Therapy

Unveil the Hidden Secrets of Your Soul's Journey and Experience Profound Healing through Past Life Therapy.


Couple's Counselling

Discover the Transformative Power of Couple's Counseling and Ignite the Love and Connection You Deserve.


The Keys for Life Program

Immerse yourself in the world of the Aura and raising your energy with our flagship program to connect to your life purpose & true inner self.


Each of us has a purpose, and a source of energy we don't know about.
We teach you how to harness it.

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We are Amir and Orit Cooper, a husband and wife team. We left Israel to create Healaura Academy.

Amir went from being an ordinary landscaper to becoming a master channeler, and connecting people to their deeper life purpose and giving them tools to be able to hone their own inner compass.

He started receiving intuitive messages after he went through a car accident 25 years ago and has never stopped channelling since, together with Orit, laying down the foundation for working with the Aura, the energetic field.

We never looked back.

We have formed a community of people who are dedicated to working with the techniques and methods.

Back in 1997, Amir discovered he could channel and receive extraordinarily accurate messages as an intuitive.

Amir & Orit Cooper

Years of

Re-Ignite Your Life: Testimonial Spotlight

Healaura's Keys for Life program is a deep dive into redefining our reality—where does our energy come from, what suppresses it and therefore takes us down, and how we can gain inner power and peace by learning to balance and connect to our Aura for on-demand wisdom.

Stenya was able to develop her career, become more creative and flexible, and establish healthy boundaries in her relationships. Additionally, working with her Aura through the tools she learned in Healaura helped improve her physical health.

With advanced training, she was also also able to energetically communicate with her baby while pregnant, enhancing her whole pregnancy experience.

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Healaura's Fundumental 4 Keys For Life

elevate your life by working with the energy of the aura.

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Talk with us to get specific guidance about how we can help YOUR life get to the next level.

Discover the turbo-engine
When the Aura is balanced, maintained and nourished, it gives you the fuel to tackle an endless amount of projects, sleep less, find more joy in everyday life, follow your life path, pursue goals and overcome challenges.
Uncover the pre-birth life plan
A plan of experiences, goals, and connections you set out to do before you started this lifetime and, because of a lack of awareness and knowledge on our planet, the connection to this source is lost.
Break through patterns and traps
Identifying the places we can fall in our daily routine, weeding out invisible blockages in our mind that sabotage our development and growth, and receive tools how to proactively deal with it.
Expand your intuition
so that you can call on your own trustworthy source of wisdom to guide you in decision making in every aspect of life, and being able to receive it without the interference of other blockages and thoughts.

Do you have a hunger for expanding your mind?

Identifying your blindspots, and working on raising the level of vitality you have in your life?

Are you thirsty for fresh energy, for developing yourself in new ways, and for leading every moment in life with higher direction and vision?

The Keys for Life program allows you to gain insights on relationships, career, and health on a completely new level, based on your unique life situation.

The program specializes in giving practical tools for you to re-examine the often subconscious patterns you may be falling into time and time again that hold you back from reaching your higher potential. 

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Get the 19 secret core elements that will prevent your endless trial and error to find the desired partner you’ve been longing for and maintain the spark for life

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energy exercises

Powerful energy exercises for powerful people to raise their energy and connect to their Aura in a tangible way

the aura

learning to connect to your source of knowledge

Knowing before trying (and before making major, possibly life-long mistakes)

We know how difficult it is to change mindset, to learn how to become your own intuitive guide, and to become your own source of wisdom.

BUT that change, and new understanding of a whole new world will allow you to know if that life-changing decision you want to make is truly right for you. It’s especially difficult when you’re alone.


It's tough when you don't have a community.

We are a community.

The Healaura community is a physical as well as a virtual community.

We have a group of people that go together around the world, giving courses and raising their children together through the Aura approach.

The Aura completley changes the way you can see life, the amount of projects you can do, the amount of energy you have to make your life something with impact.

The Healaura method teaches you specific fundumental thought processes, techniques, and knowledge that has come for the first time to this planet.

This isn’t a trivial self-help book to help you understand general principles.

This is a very personal journey, one that isn’t taken alone.

Beatriz Bitrán - 20190727_125519

Support group

from all walks of life, from all over the worldan international community

Your Aura and community support: a key to unlocking happiness and fulfillment

It’s about real people who talk to each other in real-time, online and offline, who help each other out in real situations, people who support each other to live a life on a completley different level.

They channel their Aura for each other and help each other with messages the other person couldn’t see.

Families, individuals, couples, elderly people and others are all a part of the community. They help each other benefit from their experiences, knowledge, channelling and energy.

Families are raising their children with the Aura principles and see a huge difference in their children’s level of calm, stability, ability to think critically and quickly, and more, among other profound changes in the relationships between siblings, and between couples. 



Utilizing the Aura to fulfill your dreams, find the right partner, travel the world & raise your kids

We give you the techniques and knowledge so that you will have the energy and the tools to be able to go on and get widsom and messages, energy and direction on your own, so that you don’t need to rely on ANYONE to be able to get the results you want. 

We combine a very personal approach as well as a community presence. We are about community.

All the people who work with the Aura know that community and teamwork is one of the most powerful keys to be able to acheive their dreams. 


discover how the aura teachings work

The initial training that I received with Healaura has become the foundation for which i’ve built my life. I’ve done many trainings in energy work over the years, but this one has been the most fundamental. The missing puzzle piece to the rest if you will. I felt from the beginning that by implementing suggestions given on how to raise my frequency and nourish my energy field were working. My life started to change quickly in beautiful ways. I’d feel happier, more peaceful, greater creativity, clarity and resilience in a sustained way. 

headshot 4

jana Fronek

high school teacher

This course is not for someone who is looking for spiritual entertainment or to sit back and expect life to change. Its for someone who dares to brave going after their dreams, release their resistances and wishes to really integrate the tools and make them part of you. Thank you to the Cooper family for all I have learnt through them. I am able to support myself, my family and my clients and community in much greater ways because of my deepened understandings from which I learnt through Healaura.


Christina Richardson

registered health care practitioner

We have a no-bullshit approach, since we know your time is precious, and we want to give you the most amount of value in the least amount of time possible, that will completley transform your energy, mind, and life.​

Get training to uncover the deep parts of your purpose.


Results we have helped create

Hear out what our participants say about us.
"So, the years passed by and in most of them I was in grad school, and in the end I reached a dead end. I ran out of solutions. At the age of 40, I got to a point that I realized I was in engineering, feeling depressed, isolated and alone. When I started to work with my Aura and received the guidance, it opened alternatives in my lives I couldn’t realize before. I was like a horse whose blinders were removed. Having new insights through this work, I started tutoring math and science for high school students. I felt uplifted and satisfied after every session. It was natural for me and I did that effortlessly. I am free."
Nir Ben-Oved
Mathematics Teacher
“For 10 years I had no movement in my life. Everything was the same. After starting with the work with Healaura I started shifting things in my life that I never thought I will. I am less tense at work and people don’t stress me out anymore at work. I’m also enjoying my work (which before I didn't) and I also feel more confident."
Irina Goncharov
White Rock, Canada
"From the guidance I received in the Keys for Life course, I learned how I could use my energy field to make better decisions about my life in many areas. This gave me direction, purpose, higher energy, better health, better relationships, more fun and happiness, and better confidence. It was a gradual and natural healing process which lasted and transformed my life completely."
Steinar G.
"Today, I wake up in the morning with a smile and full of energy for the day. I sometimes feel butterflies of excitement before I go to tutor. I never felt I “don’t feel like it”. I just want to do it more and more. I am laughing with my students. With time, the relationships with the families developed to something very special, beyond just professional relationships. They constantly tell me how much they appreciate my help to their children, and it always feels like a celebration to come to their home. It feels like a community."
Rebecca Newman
"Thanks to the tools that I learn in Healaura, I have time to take it easy, work without stress, handle tensions of deadlines and the money culture of carpentry while having energy to care about the client and most of all care about the quality of work I am doing. I gain energy at work and the customers are very happy with my work!"
George Rice
New West Minister, Canada
"I lived in a condo in a big city and worked a 9 – 5 office job in front of a computer all day long. I needed a new “career” and a new life. I took courses in Healaura, developed my inner guidance, and sold my condo and decided to move away from the city to a smaller place in the country. This felt like a “breath of fresh air” moving to a small town. I now feel better with myself, I have more energy for my life and I have more time to do things. All of this was possible because of the guidance I received from Healaura. If it wasn’t for this, I would still feel stuck in a job and life that was not right for me and living in a place that kept me isolated and alone. I now have a life that is much more enjoyable and satisfying."
Zoe Andino
Children's Instructor
"The lack of confidence was totally gone, through the course with Healaura, and we never worked on that matter at all. I am totally free from all the lack of confidence, from this enemy voice that was always criticizing me and putting me down. This was all gone, completely a stranger to me. I realize how confident I am at work now, with all the time creative ideas, quick thinker, totally confident in taking more responsibilities and bigger challenges at work."
Natalie Martin
Business Consultant
"After I started using the knowledge of the Human Energy Field I felt different with myself, it was an improved “me” and I can say the understanding I gained allowed me to steer my life into a more happy and fulfilling direction. I felt overall more positive and more meaningful about myself thanks to the practical directions I have gotten.. I have done a 360-degree-turn and can say that I am feeling happy now about who I am and what I do."
Karl Fischer

Don't stay in a standstill.Jump to your next big move in your personal development journey.

Healaura’s flagship program gives down-to-earth methods you can immediately implement to proactively handle deep blockages at the emotioAnal, mental, and spiritual level that impede your development and prevent the next steps you need to take in your life.

Getting out of your comfort zone allows you to jump into a new world of possibilities for your personal, professional, and family life.


Everyone knows the Aura has colors, no one knows how to effectively USE it.
Don't hesitate to make this the last day you don't have these Auric tools that can transform your energy, life direction and choices, your relationships, and most of all, the relationship you have with your hidden, inner power.

Unlock the Secrets of Your Aura: Transform Your Energy, Life and Relationships with These Powerful Tools

I had been skeptical of self-development and how to go about it, the idea of the Aura, working with your pre-birth life plan and energy, and its potential impact on my life, but I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. 

The tools and techniques I learned through this program have completely transformed my relationships, both with others (romantically or otherwise) and with myself. My marriage was not working out. We were arguing all the time. Then I found out my wife had been secretly giving away 10s of thousands of dollars all of the money I earned for both of us to her parents.

I was also majorly depressed and with a serious health condition. Still, with all the shit going on, I decided to give this Keys for Life program a try.

I was able to completely turn my life around. I started using methods that actually worked on how to identify areas in life where I was getting stuck, exercises for uplifting my energy, and so much more.

My relationship and health has improved dramatically. I started having energy I never had before in my life. I used to struggle with chronic pain and fatigue on top of a disease, but since learning about and working with my Aura, I’ve found a renewed sense of energy and vitality. The program has also helped me to better understand my life direction, and given me the confidence to make important decisions. 

I highly recommend the Keys for Life program to anyone looking to deal with their issues and the things holding them back on a root level, not just symptomatic situations. This is for people who truly want to put in the effort, as I did, to make and see change., but with the right tools. I’ve tried meditation, alpha waves, hypnotherapy, psychology, anything you want, I probably tried it. This has been a true game-changer for me and I’m only happy to share this so others can benefit and change their life as well.

jordan paul

mechanical engineer

I was at a crossroads in my life and felt like something was missing. I knew I needed a change but didn’t know where to start. Then I stumbled upon the Keys for Life program, and it was a turning point for me. I can say, hands down, that I am not the same person.

Today, I am much more confident, I can actually smile and feel it inside, I know much more where I am headed and everyday, and using tools that raise the energy in my Aura that propels me forward. 

The KFL program and their amazing coaches not only taught me how to connect to my Aura, but also helped me to better understand my own needs and desires, how to set goals, what boundaries I need to set (not necessarily those I was expecting), and how I can become the version I never knew I could be.

The program also helped me understand the impact of my thoughts, emotions and energy and how to identify the innocuous places that were draining me. I started using the tools and methods everyday and implementing the philosophy of the Aura and everything Orit and Amir Cooper built. I felt like I was finally able to see the big picture and make sense of my life.

I have more energy for life, am finding how to be in contact with the right people for me, and am much more calm and in control of my life.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a change, for those who want to be in control and knowing what steps to take to live a life of direction and energy. 

I found my meaning when connecting to my personal pre-birth life plan and understanding what kind of things were right for me intrinsically. Suddenly so many of my behaviors from when I was a kid clicked into place due to the Aura work. Thank you so much for the guidance and support.

Jennifer day


The Healaura program

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Learn original, fresh, practical tools on raising your energy, connecting to your intuition, identifying paradigms in your life, and transforming your direction.


personal sessions

Receive personal sessions from Aura masters and channelers of highly developed energetic beings that can see your deeper life purpose and give you specific guidance for your life.


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Healaura has built a community of like-minded individuals from all walks of life that work with their Aura in transformative ways. You can be a part of that community.

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